Sing for Hope 

New Orleans

A New Orleans Public Art Piano Project presented by: Sing For Hope

Every year, local artists are chosen to paint rescued pianos.  An exhibition launch then releaces them into their public temporary locations for 3 weeks. The pianos are then donated to New Orleanian schools, organizations, nursing homes, parks, venues and other essential places!

Our Mission:

Pianola is dedicated to placing free, beautifully painted pianos in public spaces throughout the city of New Orleans. We believe public pianos add art, joy and inspiration to our city by encouraging people to interact with their public spaces in new and spontaneous ways. Pianos are maintained by our passionate team of volunteers then donated back to our community so that Pianola Pianos can last for generations to come! 

Piano Artist Applications are closed for 2023!

We are getting ready for our painting period in the Jackson Avenue Evangelical Church! The artists will all be painting away and preparing for our Launch party at the Jazz museum. Stay tuned on our Instagram for more information!

Would you like to help us prepare? Sign up to volunteer for various small jobs like sanding, priming, working the door, and more! 

The 2022 Grand Gala was a hoot! Huge thanks to all who came out.

Our Gala was entirely epic! The pianos were played, dancers came to dance, and everyone had a "Grand ole' time" The Gala is an annual event and next year our team plans on having even more pianos!

We are excited to be in partnership with Sing For Hope!

A Non Profit Organization that will be supporting and overseeing our Piano project for New Orleans!
They create incredible public art pianos all over the world in the hope of spreading the joy of art and music to all.

We need Piano Buddy Volunteers!

Pianola could use some help! Some of our outside pianos need help getting tucked in at night, and woken up in the morning! This entails a quick ritual of locking the keys up and placing its cover on to prevent damage!
With locations all over new orleans, there is bound to be one nearby that you could help us with! fill out the Piano Buddy applycation to adopt one of these gorgious public art pianos.